Web Hosting Is More Than Just Bandwidth, It's About Success — Your Success!

Building a Website? You Need to Host it Somewhere... But Where?

You're inundated with Web hosting providers — the choices can be overwhelming. Promises of cheap, quick, and easy tempt you at every turn. Here's what you need to ask yourself.

Is your goal to build a profitable Web business, or do you want to just "put up a site"?

What Is Web Hosting?

Old-fashioned Web hosting companies (e.g., Hostgator, Bluehost, InMotion Hosting, SiteGround) provide storage space and the necessary bandwidth. They may even throw in a few tools.

Their goal is to sell you on the idea of putting up a website cheap, quick, easy. Then you spend the next years (and plenty more dollars) struggling to get found by the search engines.

Regular Web hosting is fine for the latter, but to build a business, you need more.

Think of it...

There are so many websites competing with you. How do you make your site stand out and be found at Google and the other search engines?

How do you build a professional, popular, and profitable business like these people have?

The Answer Is Not in the Web Hosting

Your website should be more than just a website. It should get found and build free, targeted traffic, your traffic. If you don't own your traffic, you don't own a business online.

In short, your website should drive business. Most websites merely exist. They don't generate income. To be blunt, they fail.

couple image There's no need to worry about all the technical specifics of Web hosting companies. They're all uniformly excellent these days.

Don't fall for "cheap, quick, easy." Success takes work. The key is to focus 100% upon your business, instead of wasting 95 out of every 100 hours upon technical issues (HTML, CGI, FTP, SEO, etc.).


Through a Web hosting package that provides a proven process and a tech-free, complete set of site-brainstorming, building, hosting and marketing tools. A combination that delivers thriving, profitable businesses.

Only one Web hosting provider does that. SiteSell.com offers you Solo Build It! (SBI!), Web hosting that works. And the proof, as they say, is in the pudding...

Look for track records of success as you investigate where to host your website. As you scour possible providers, the best you will ever find is a few well-chosen testimonials.

Compare their proof (if any) to SBI!'s documented, verifiable proof. One example... 62% of SBI! sites end up in the top 3% of all websites.

Does It Make a Difference Where You Host Your Site?

Hostgator? Bluehost? InMotion Hosting? Which one? It simply doesn't matter. They're all the same. They all deliver...

  • 99.99% uptime
  • high bandwidth allowance
  • high storage numbers, and
  • near zero percent success rates.

Your success does not lie in the host. It's in the process and tools. It's in your understanding how to succeed, and then executing.

In other words...

It matters how your website is hosted, not where.

It matters that you have 1,000+ visitors per day, not whether "uptime" is 99.99% or 99.999%.

It matters that you succeed. And that's all that matters.

Are You a Professional Webmaster?

Webmasters are discovering SBI! and what a pleasure it is to have clients rave about traffic and success for a change.

"In early 2005, I REALLY discovered SBI!. Since then I've converted most of my clients' and my own sites over to SBI!. With my results-oriented philosophy, using SBI!, it's a lot easier to sell my services to a potential client.

My advice to webmasters considering SBI! is to give it a fair try — as soon as possible. And if you're stubborn in your ways, as most of us webmasters seem to be, resist the urge to keep on doing things the way you've always done them!"

Donald A. Coggan

Click here for more on how SBI! can help you deliver success to your clients.

How Is Solo Build It! Different?

Web hosting is the easy, generic part. But SBI! guides you through a proven process that works together with all the tools at exactly the moment you need them. Nobody else in the world does that.

Standard Web hosting is too complicated. SBI! makes the technology disappear so you can focus on building your business. Web hosting itself is the least important part of the package, but it's included, and it's top-notch.

Your success is the most important part! And that's included, too. Guaranteed.

Why Is Google Worth Billions?

Google is worth billions of dollars because 99% of websites must advertise to generate traffic. Not you. You're going to build your own traffic...

Traffic that likes and trusts you, believes in you, tells their friends about you, and buys from you.

The "cheap-quick-easy" message is, in fact, not so cheap. $3/month gets you a website. But if no one ever sees it, it costs you thousands of dollars worth of your time. And then, thousands more advertising on Google.

Instead, own your own traffic, like these successful SBI! members.

Net Result? SBI! Does More Than Host Your Site... It Builds Your Business

Try it and see for yourself. Take SBI! home for a "No Risk Test Drive." Using SBI! is the best way to experience its power and depth... at no risk.

You'll soon have a site that attracts warm, willing-to-buy visitors...

Your visitors. And then... Your customers.

You have a future to gain and a past (i.e., your knowledge) to convert into income, and you have absolutely nothing to lose thanks to the guarantee.

"Venture nothing, and life is less than it should be."
Malcolm Forbes (1919-1990)

Take advantage of our Money-Back "Confidence of Success" Guarantee.

Use it to convert your purchase into a
"no risk take-it-home-for-a-test-drive" trial.

In other words...
Purchase and then decide.